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Pisgah was originally Densontown, the name given to this settlement by the Denson family who settled here and established Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, one of Rankin County’s oldest fellowships. William Denson, considered to be the founder of the church, selected a Biblical name, as did so many of the early churches. The post office at Pisgah opened in 1897 and closed in 1921. Mail was then sent to Leesburg.
Pisgah and Sand Hill are actually the same community. Pisgah is associated with the school, two of the community’s churches and the Lions Club. Sand Hill refers to the post office and general stores. The post office at Sand Hill opened in 1892 and is still in operation.
In 1918 Welcome, Robinson, and Bates schools consolidated with Pisgah school. Later, Goshen Springs, Red Oak, Holly Bush, Rehobeth, and Leesburg came in with Pisgah to make Pisgah a better and larger school.