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Formerly known as Oakdale, because of the large number of oak trees in the area, and located six miles south of Fannin, the community’s name was changed to Langford in honor of Charles R. Langford, the first postmaster, in 1890.

Abernathy was named for S.D. Abernathy who operated a large country store in 1890. The store was five miles east of Pelahatchie.

Located three miles west of Florence, Cleary was established before 1890 but was not known by that name until a post office was opened in 1890 and given the name by officials in Washington, D.C. Early settlers were W.M. Renno and H.H. Teasley; Renno served as postmaster until the office was discontinued in 1912. Mt. Sinai Methodist Church is located in this community.

This community was named for a nearby clear spring branch that flows through the area. The name was later changed to Whites. There was a post office at Whites from 1890 until 1908.