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This settlement, famous for the location of Centenary College (1841-1845), was originally the site of a resort area. It was located 12 miles northeast of Brandon and briefly had a post office from August 24, 1839, through May 15, 1840.

An old community located on the Rankin and Scott County line, Clarksburg was about equal distance between Morton and Pelahatchie. It is not known just when it was settled, but Line Creek Baptist Church was established in 1839, so there were people in the area at that time. Old Highway 80 went down its main street and made a sharp left turn on its way to Morton. Clarksburg had a post office from 1890 until 1923. There were several stores, a gin, grist mill and a hotel.
Clarksburg had a small railroad station; the trains stopped only in case of an emergency, or if a passenger wanted to detrain.
Schools around Clarksburg were Barker Prairie School, Mulberry School, Armstead School, Rocky Springs and Ashley School. Ashley School was named for Ashley Creek and during the rainy season some children could not get to school. The rules were finally changed to allow those children to attend a school on their side of the Creek.