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Meeting of Board of Directors Rankin County Historical Society August 22, 2012

The Board of Directors met at the home of Anne Vanderleest, president, on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, at 4:30 P.M. Present were Mrs. Vanderleest, Paul Davis, Mel Corley, Mary Lou Ayers, John Haliburton, Nathan Bradshaw, and Joan Singletary.

John Haliburton, treasurer, presented a financial summary from 7/15/2012 through 8/15/2012. The present balance is $9381.10. A copy is attached to  file copy of the minutes.

Discussion centered on the items that are currently stored in the “office” building behind the store. The office building is rapidly deteriorating and most likely will need to be totally removed. Ms. Vanderleest presented pictures of items in the building, many of which have no value to the society at this time. Many things were stored in the building for use when the society began setting up the museum and began work on publications.

It was determined that some of the items might be given away, such as fans; unsafe wooden ladders, and home-made tables for temporary displays will be tossed or perhaps sold at a “yard sale”. Each item is being checked for historical value and a complete inventory will be completed and kept in the society records.

There are some ledgers and registration books that will be placed in the county storage facility.

County workers will remove the back siding on the Wilson-Neely house to determine if it is structurally sound; no date has been set at this time. If the house is not safe for use by the public, the building will have to be taken down. After receiving the county report we will make further decisions. The engineer’s report of August 10 was discussed and a copy is included in the permanent minutes file.

It was announced that Anne Stratton will be presenting an Antiques Showcase on Saturday, October 6.

The meeting was adjourned.

Joan Singletary, Secretary
Rankin County Historical Society