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Meeting of Board of Directors Rankin County Historical Society June 12, 2012

The Board of Directors met Tuesday, June 12, at 4:00 P.M. at the home of Anne Vanderleest.

Present were Anne Vanderleest, John Haliburton, Paul Davis, Mel Corley, Mary Lou Ayers, and Joan Singletary.

The agenda included:

Donated items

Catherine Hill Memorial

Heritage Day

Brandon Historical and Genealogical Society joint meetings

Speaker for July meeting

Storage room

Roof and stabilization

Donated Items: A decision needs to be made whether or not the Society has the space to store and/or display the still located on Mike Roberts’ property. Paul and Mel will check the size and condition to see if it is feasible for us to accept this donation.

Judy Williams of Morton has offered us a rocking chair that was made by Mr. Wilson and used on the front porch of the Wilson home (Wilson-Neely house). Joan will call her to set a time for delivery of the chair and Paul will meet Mrs. Williams to accept the chair at the museum. After discussion the board agreed to place the rocker on the porch of the Wilson-Neely house when it is open to the public and store it inside the house when the house is closed.

Lynda White of Texas donated a side saddle for display in the museum and has offered to have a period riding habit made as well as purchase a manikin to display the habit. A decision needs to be made as to whether or not we have space as well as the placement of such an exhibit. Mary Lou will follow up on this.

A memorial gift for Catherine Hill was discussed. One suggestion was a scholarship to a graduating senior of Brandon High School, after asking that the student give five hours service to RCHS, the library, or the Museum. Those donating time would receive scholarship funds, a possible $200 grant. Also discussed was a donation to the DAR scholarship fund. Anne will talk with both the DAR and the Brandon High Principal about these possibilities. Joan moved that we table the decision until our next meeting; John seconded, motion carried.

Heritage Day was discussed and it was agreed that all felt the day was very successful and well attended in spite of the threatening weather. Mary Lou moved that we plan to have another Heritage Day in 2013; Mel seconded, motion carried.

The proposed joint meetings with the Brandon Historical and Genealogical Society were discussed briefly. The RCHS schedule  during this calendar year has not allowed our participation as originally proposed. Anne recommended that we change the RCHS regular meeting time to the fourth Tuesday of every other month starting in July, which would be July 24. This will coincide with the BH&GS meetings. If the Brandon Society has not yet scheduled a speaker for July, we will provide the speaker for the meeting.

Speaker for July: Several names were suggested as speakers for the upcoming months; with speakers being asked to focus on Rankin County. Names and possible topics suggested are: Robert Myers of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans; Anne Stratton; Reiford Castens, who is compiling history of Highway 80; Forrest Cooper, postcards of Rankin County; Grady Howell, early Mississippi Thanksgivings; and MDAH. Mel will contact Mr. Castens, Paul will contact Mr. Cooper to see if either can speak at our July meeting.

The upcoming calendar would include:

      July 24, 2012, Tuesday, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; RCHS as host

      August 2012, no meeting

      September 25, 2012, Tuesday, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; BH&GS as host

      October 2012, RCHS Field Trip (to be decided)

      November 27, 2012, Tuesday, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; RCHS as host

      December 2012, no meeting

      January 2013, Munch on History, noon at Brandon Library

      February 2013, possible Munch on History

      March 26,2013, Tuesday, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; RCHS as host

      April 20, 2013, Saturday, Heritage Day

      May 28, 2013, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; BH&GS as host

      June 2013

      July 23, 2013, Tuesday, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; RCHS as host

      August 2013, no meeting

      September 2013, Tuesday, RCHS and BH&GS joint meeting; BH&GS as host

A motion was made by Joan that we adopt this calendar, Mel seconded, there were no objections or discussion; calendar was adopted. (However, if the Mayans are proven to be accurate, we can delete the dates following December 2012.)

Joan was asked if a newsletter could be published by the end of June publicizing the July meeting with Brandon. She agreed it could be done if there is help with content.

Storage Room: The materials in the rented storage room need to be moved to other places by the end of the summer. Mel has been working on getting the things there moved to other storage. The history and cemetery books that are to be sold need to be placed in a climate controlled area. Anne is checking into possible space for these items. County ledgers need to be returned to the county if they will accept them. Many of the RCHS files that are currently housed in cabinets are to be placed in Rankin County’s climate controlled storage. These files contain original documents and photos belonging to RCHS. The county will also make some shelving available to us. Mel is to contact Larry Swales, Chancery Clerk, to see when files can be moved to the county storage unit.

Roof Stabilization: Anne has drafted a letter to the City of Brandon reminding the mayor of his statement to help restore the Wilson-Neely House. A letter has also been drafted to the Board of Supervision asking that $10,000 be designated in the coming year’s budget for upkeep on the RCHS Museum Store.

Mr. Castens has asked that we get the roof of the house measured so he can order the needed materials. Anne will call the roofers to measure and give us a cost estimate. She also plans to call Robbie Bridges who worked with the Society on the original plans for the museum repairs asking Mr. Bridges for an opinion on the house and exactly what can or cannot be done to get it back in plumb.

The on-site storage building also needs to be cleaned out. John will take photos of the materials still stored inside the room.

Motion to adjourn was made by Joan, seconded by Anne, motion carried.

Joan Singletary, Secretary Rankin County Historical Society