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Service Men and Women of Rankin County

World War I and II

The listing from which this is taken was originally published by the Myers-Winstead Post #6281, Veterans of Foreign Wars, in a book entitled “Servicemen of Rankin County”. According to the records of the Adjutant VFW Department of Mississippi, this post was formed in March of 1946 and disbanded in February 1961; the post met in Brandon at the County Court House. Our thanks to the Mississippi VFW for allowing us to post these records. 

Last NameFirst & Middle NameBranch of ServiceYear Entered
AllenCarroll E.Field Artillery1941
BakerHenry HubertArmy1945
BakerOtis HarveyArmy1944
BarksdaleEugene HoyInfantry, Aviation1917
BarksdaleJames D.Infantry1918
BooneJames D.Navy1944
BoundsRobert W.Marine Corps1944
BoundsWilliam W.Marine Corps1943
BoundsWinifred J.WAC1942
BridgesAnice DouglasArmy
BrownGlen O.Navy1942
BrownJimmy T.Engineers1943
BrownLouis E.Signal Corps1943
BrownPercy D.Infantry1942
BrownRaymond E.Navy1939
BullockJoe R.Air Force1940
BurnesWallace ColeField Artillery1917
BurnhamAdell EvansNavy1944
BurnhamAuburn A.Navy1944
BurnhamHorace B.Transportation Corp.1943
BurnhamJessie L.Army1942
BurnhamRobert CarrollArmy1944
BurnhamRufus GeorgeArmy1941
BurnhamSidney McLaurinNavy1945
BynumLavon E.Navy1944
Byrd Jr.John P.Navy1940
CalhounElbert ConleyArmy1942
CauthenGeorge C.Army Infantry1942
CooperManning28th Infantry Div
CottrellLouis RoblinsArmy
CouchArthur H.Army Air Corps1942
CoxCharlie WilliamArmy Tank Batallion1944
CoxGreen AndersonInfantry1942
CoxJosh P.1st Calvary Brigade1945
CrainEarnest S.Battery C456th anti artillery1942
CrainLarue802nd Field Artillery1941
CunninghamRobert H.Field Artillery1942
DavisJoe8th Air Force
DeWittEverett A.Aviation Ordnance1940
DeWittJohn W.Army Ordnance1943
DicksonIris B.WAC1944
Dickson Jr.Jeff D.Army Air Corps1943
Dickson Sr.Jeff D.Army1917
DotsonHerbert E.Marine Corps1946
Dotson Jr.Major M.Marine Corps Reserve1944
DownardJoe ThomasNavy1945
DownsCharles C.Engineer Corps1944
DownsFred A.Air Corps1941
EcholsJim L.Navy1942
EcholsRobert J.Navy1943
EverittRobert M.Infantry1942
FairleyDavid R.Air Corps1942
FairleyHarold L.Navy1945
FairleyWalter E.Army1940
FarishNed B.Army Air Corps1942
FergusonCarols C.Air Force1942
GillJames R.Army Air Corps1941
GilmoreDouglas FairbanksMarine Corps1942
GrahamRobert D.Navy1943
GranthamR.D.Naval Reserve1943
GravesGilbert HayesNavy1941
GravesHilton H.Army1943
GrayEdwinArmy Air Force1942
GrissomWiley GeneMechanized Calvary1944
Grissom Jr.Thomas R.Marine Corps1942
HardyChristine A.WAC1943
HarveyRalph G.Navy1945
HendersonGlenn H.Navy1944
HillBenjamin LeonUS Naval Reserve1943
HollandJames C.Navy1946
HolyfieldLuther G.Marine Corps1942
HuffmanJesse R.Infantry, Field Artillery1934
HughesWalter EdwardUS Naval Air Corps1941
HutsonWilliam G.79th infantry div1944
HydrickJames LoydNavy1944
IrbyJames G.Navy1942
Jenkins Jr.Claude B.Marine Corps1945
JohnsonHoraceSignal Corps1942
JonesCharley W.Infantry1940 & 1942
JonesDerwood W.81st chem. Mor Batallion1942
JonesEdwin L.Infantry1943
JonesJohn WilburArmy-Infantry1941
JonesKiley C.Army1945
JonesLynn P.Infantry1942
JonesSilas T.Infantry1941
Jones Jr.Ernest R.Navy1944
JoplinJames E.Air Transport Command1942
KendallRalph A.Transportation Corp.1942
KnightCharles D.Navy1917
KnightJames E.Navy & Merchant Marines1943
Lackey Jr.Raymond KentNavy1944
LindseyRobert E.Army1944
LovittEdd R.Army1942
LovittL.A.Air Corps1943
MartinCharles LeonardAir Corps
MartinEarl R.Coast Guard1941
MartinFred H.Army1942
MartinJames M.US Navy1944
MartinRalph H.US Navy1942
MartinRoy RossUS Army1918
MartinRupert F.US Army1944
MartinThomas VictorNavy
MasseyGeorge A.Marine Corps1935
MaxFisher H.Army1940
Maxey Jr.John CollierNaval Air Corps1941
Maxey Jr.W.L.Infantry1940
McIntyre Jr.W.E.Air Force1943
McIntyre Sr.W.E.Infantry1918
McKayTerrel D.Army1942
McLauriaJohn C.Navy1944
McLaurin Jr.Robert SylvesterEngineer Corps1943
McNeaseJames W.155th Infantry1940
McRightJesse L.Air Service Mechanic1917
MoralesDora E. ByrdWAC1942
MurphreeJimmie J.US Navy1942
MurphreeVernon E.Navy1943
MurryCarl V.Navy Seabees1943
MyersEdwin G.Navy
MyersLeslie FrancesAir Corps1941
Noland Jr.Johnny W.Navy 27th carrier div1944
ParksTom H.Army1943
PatrickRobert EllisNavy1944
PayneHoward T.Infantry1940
PirogBetsy Irene ByrdWAVES1942
PolkJohnnie T.Navy1943
PonderFrancesUS Naval Cons. Bat.1944
PonderJames RussellMarine Corps1943
PonderMrs. James RussellMarine Corps1944
PonderRay E.40th Infantry Div1941
Presley Jr.A.J.Navy1942
PurvisHenry D.Field Artillery1941
QuarlesCharlie ThomasArmy1941
QuarlesLavert SmithNavy1943
RagsdaleMarion D.Army Air Force1944
RenfroeMelvin J.Navy1940
RenfroeRobert EdgarInfantry1940
RhodesClifton E.Field Artillery1946
RhodesElmo C.Field Artillery1941
RhodesHenry AlbertArmy1940
Rives Jr.Thomas A.Air Corp Cadets1941
RobbinsWarren W.Army Air Corps1940
RossCharlie W.Army1941
RountreeGuy A.Army Air Corps1940
SandersCosper15th Air Force
SandersonJoe H.Navy1944
SebrenJ.W.Army, Engineers1918
ShepherdClarence LeeNavy1944
ShottsEdgar L.Army Signal Corps1942
ShottsRalph F.Army Airways Comm. Sys1943
ShottsSilas L.Infantry1918
SmithOttis JosephUS Navy Reserve1943
SpannWilliam H.US Coast Guard1938
SpeerHoy B.Air Corps1942
SpeerSydnoe M.Infantry1943
Speer Jr.James W.US Marine Corps1942
StandiferHugh B.Army Air Force1942
StewartCornelius AlvinInfantry1939
Storey Jr.AlvisNavy1944
StubblefieldJoseph M.Medical Corps1943
StubblefieldWill OwenNavy1917
StullKenneth L.Infantry1917
Tarvin Jr.William W.Air Corps1946
ThompsonJames S.Army Infantry1918
TorrenceWilliam C.Ordnance1942
ValentourJoseph MelvinAirborne Infantry1942
WaddellWalter H.Infantry1942
WadsworthRay V.Infantry1945
WaltersRobert VernonU.S. Coast Guard Reserve1943
WarrenWilliam AlbertInfantry1942
WebbJames FrancesUS Navy1943
WebbSheldon M.US Army1942
WebbWayne SuttonTank Destroyers1943
WebbWilbur B.Navy1944
Webb Jr.Thompson B.Air Corps1943
WestbrooksJames HenryEngineers1942
WhiteGerald O.Navy1944
WhiteJohnField Artillery1917
WhitleyDavid L.Army1944
WillisFletcher O.Infantry1942
WinsteadHubert HindsNaval Air Corps1940
WorthingtonFlorence M.WAVE1942
WorthingtonGlenn A.Marine Corps1943
WorthingtonGordon R.Marine Corps1942
WynnEdward E.Quartermaster Corps1941
WynnHerbert BradleyNaval Reserve1943
WynnNed ElbertNavy1941