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These columns were originally published under the title Rankin County Historical Society Searchlight. The first column, written by Linda Goff, appeared in Rankin County News on February 14, 1979. Sara Richardson and Catherine Hill continued the column until 1996 giving us many more tidbits of our county’s history. The Rankin County Historical Society wants to share these visits into the past with you.

Eastern Rankin County (July 17, 1985)
Cross Roads School (May 29, 1985)
Dr. Burnham (October 16, 1985)
The Pearl ‘Never Does Nothing’ (July 10, 1985)
Old Pelahatchie Home and Ohleyer Building (July 3, 1979)
The City of Pearl (March 13, 1985)
Star (May 23, May 30, and June 6, 1979)
Pearson/Richland (May 8, 1985)
The Susie Blue Book