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Rankin County Historical Society Board Meeting

June 9, 2011


The executive board of the Rankin County Historical Society met at the home of Anne Vanderleest. Present were: Anne, John Haliburton, Mary Lou Ayers, Nathan Bradshaw, Mel Corley, Paul Davis and Joan Singletary.


Anne opened the meeting by asking for input from the newest board members concerning their thoughts and feelings on the issues covered during our June 3 meeting.

John: Stated we should do what is economically feasible; for history he would not think of the Rankin County museum but would go someplace else like the Ag Museum.

Mary Lou: Understands the lack of workers and interest within our group validates the possibility of closing all or part of the museum.

Nathan: Understands that it will be cheaper to digitize rather than “rebuild” museum buildings. He asked a co-worker if he would prefer viewing a museum on-line or visiting a physical plant. Visiting and being able to touch won out. Nathan then asked if we have to close a building, which is in the best shape – the store is.

Mel: Likes the idea of digitization but also wants to keep the house and the store and continue opening to the public as we have done in the past. He wants to become more involved with schools. He suggested that we talk with societies that have gone digital to see if they have also maintained a physical museum.

Joan: Wants to keep at least one building open as we digitize.

Paul: Suggests we keep the museum and house open even more than now. He suggested a unit that can be placed inside to help with cooling and humidity. Suggested we change from monthly meetings to having four general membership meetings a year with a speaker to talk on Rankin County History.

Anne: In looking at the bids submitted for reroofing and repairing the house and store, if the county will give us the $15,000 (or more) needed to replace the roofs that we have that done first.


Paul moved that we dismantle the Post Office Building; Anne seconded; no further discussion and the motion carried unanimously.


Anne then moved that we reroof and stabilize the house and store if funding is available; Mel seconded, no discussion, motion carried unanimously.


We then reviewed the three bids that had been submitted and discussed the choosing of a contractor. Questions arose concerning some items in the bids. We will get these clarified and meet again. The choosing of a contractor was tabled.


Paul pointed out that we will need to be ready to present to the board of supervisors the rationale involved in our doing this work to the museum buildings.


It was felt that we need to discuss some of our plans and directions with the general membership. Joan will draft a letter to go to the membership. Because of the July 4th holiday the meeting will be set for Tuesday, July 12, at 6:30 P.M. at the Brandon Library.


 The next meeting of this group will be Wednesday, June 22, at 6:30 P.M. at the home of Anne Vanderleest.


Joan Singletary


 Rankin County Historical Society

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