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Minutes of the Rankin County Historical Society Board

June 22, 2011

The RCHS board met at the Brandon Library on Wednesday, June 22. Present were:

Nathan Bradshaw John Haliburton
Mary Lou Ayers Mel Corley
Paul Davis Anne Vanderleest
Joan Singletary  


Special guests were:

Greg Wilcox, Rankin Co. Supervisor, District 3; Dirk Vanderleest; and Charles Bailey, Rankin County News


Anne had reported to the board members that she and Paul had attended the meeting of the Rankin County Board of Supervisors on Friday, June 17, to ask for their support in the repair of the society’s museum buildings.
Mr. Wilcox attended as a representative from the board of supervisors to let us know the next step the RCHS needs to take is to form a trust with the county in order for the supervisors to work with us. Lem Adams, county attorney, will assist in setting up the paperwork. Mr. Wilcox said the society should contact Clovis Reed at 601-825-1475, the county administrator, to start the paper work.


The ramifications of forming a trust were a bit vague so Paul moved that we contact Clovis Reed Monday to learn more of what such a trust will entail; Mel seconded. After discussion the board voted unanimously to make the contact (Anne) and to inform the members via email or phone calls for a decision to be made. If we enter into this trust, we will be expecting an answer as to support from the supervisors at their next board meeting in July.


Mr. Wilcox pointed out that he has served as Parks and Recreation director for the City of Flowood for 11 years and has worked on projects and events for the city; he pointed out that he will work with RCHS on any future events we undertake. Our board members discussed and pointed out to him our mission and goals we hope to accomplish in the future.


The meeting adjourned.


Joan Singletary

Secretary, RCHS

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