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Rankin County Historical Society Board of Directors Meeting

August 23, 2011

The Board of Directors met at 4:00 P.M. at the home of Anne Vanderleest, president. Members present were Anne Vanderleest, John Haliburton, Paul Davis, and Joan Singletary.

An out-of-state member recently questioned his right to vote on society issues. Article IV, Section II of the RCHS bylaws states “A quorum to conduct business shall be twenty percent of the regular membership in good standing. Good standing shall be interpreted as a member who attends at least two quarterly meetings a year and whose dues are current.” This issue was discussed and will be addressed further at a later time.

Joan was asked by the president to get out a newsletter before the next meeting scheduled for September 8. It was suggested that in the next newsletter we ask permission to share addresses and the names of families being researched by our members to possibly set up a column for sharing information.

John reported a bank balance of $9,164.36; the annual storage fee has been paid.

Anne presented a proposed calendar for the coming year; a copy is attached to the minutes.

The board was reminded of the joint meeting with the Brandon Historical Society on Tuesday, September 27, at 7:00 P.M. in the Courthouse Annex in the Board of Supervisors’ meeting room. (The annex is the building where license tags are purchased.) RCHS is asked to provide refreshments, BHS will provide a speaker.

The closing of the museum for repairs and renovations during the month of October was discussed. The possibility of having a one day special event during the month was presented by Anne; the motion was made by Joan and seconded by Anne that we work toward one special event rather than open the museum each weekend this October. Motion was carried by unanimous vote.

Further discussion of sponsoring a symposium of historical, genealogical, museums, cemetery, and preservation groups of Rankin County was held. Original date proposed was November 5, but the facilities at the Brandon Library are not available on that date. Saturday, October 29, was proposed for the symposium. Various people and groups will need to be contacted to see if they will be willing to attend and give a short (10-15 minutes) presentation about their group’s mission and goals.

Contacts or research to be done:

Paul – the towns of Florence and Richland;

John – will check on line for cemetery groups other than Brandon;

Joan – Pelahatchie museum, Gold Coast, Shiloh Campgrounds, Mayor Russ Espiritu of Puckett, and Joan Alliston of Friends of Brandon Cemetery.

Another possible contact would be the Rankin County School Board concerning New Hebron School.

For each group we will need a contact name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Other special events were suggested for the months of January and February entitled “Munch on History”. Special speakers will be scheduled during the lunch hour.

It was suggested that the RCHS have a one day special event for the museum in April 2012 and not open again during the month.

Anne moved that we accept the calendar as amended and discussed; it was approved by all present.

The meeting was adjourned.

Joan Singletary



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