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Minutes of Rankin County Historical Society

March 10, 2011

Anne Vanderleest, President, opened the meeting.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Anne Vanderleest.

Unfinished Business:

Anne announced that Clean-up Day for our museum Open House month has been set for Friday, April 1, from 10:00 A.M.-12 noon.

Volunteers were asked to sign up to host the Open House days. Since no one signed at this time, members will be contacted to ask for their help. Martha McCown will make telephone calls to get hosts for each day of Open House.

Martha McCown has volunteered to serve as meeting coordinator; she will help set up the meeting room and get refreshments, etc. when needed. John Haliburton volunteered to serve as treasurer and Carolyn Erickson will work as membership coordinator, working with the secretary in sending out Newsletters and other notices.

New Business: There are a number of projects to be undertaken in the coming months, such as scanning documents and pictures; having copies made of these documents for the historic/genealogy files available to the public at the Brandon Library. No experience needed, the only skill required is a willingness to help. Reminders will be sent out for dates and times for future Volunteer Days.

Announcements: Anne announced that a monthly Volunteer Day will be set for each month. Museum Clean-up will be the first of these community service dates.

Paul Davis reminded the members who were present to let him know of any speakers or program subjects that would be of interest; and he will locate someone to present a program on topics of interest to our membership.

Joan Singletary announced that a founding member of RCHS, Catherine Bible Hill, will be celebrating her 100th birthday on March 17. Mrs. Hill’s daughter, Lu Harding, is hosting a small come and go coffee; Mel Corley will attend the celebration as the RCHS representative and will present Mrs. Hill with a card signed by all the members present at this meeting.

The program for the evening was to be presented by the Gold Coast Historical Society – but we had a failure to communicate – the GCHS misunderstood the date. RCHS Members presented their own impromptu program on the Gold Coast. Anne gave a slide show of pictures from the Holyfield Family Collection while stories and reminiscences were shared by our members while enjoying the delicious snacks furnished by Martha, Doris, Carolyn, and Anne.

 The next meeting of the Society will be Thursday, April 14, at 7:00 P.M. at the Brandon Library with the program being present by the Gold Coast Historical Society.

The meeting was adjourned.


Paul Marsh Jr., Joan Allen, Albert Allen, Mel Corley, Paul Davis, Carolyn Erickson, Anne Vanderleest, Mary Lou Ayers, John Halliburton, Joan Singletary, Martha McCown, Gilbert McCown, Nathan Bradshaw, Doris Gibson, Murphy Adkins, Ruth Adkins, Sue Anne Mullen, Dirk Vanderleest, Rosalind Rhodes Lee, Sandra Woods



Friday, April 1, Volunteer Day

     Cleanup day at the RCHS Museum, 10:00 A.M. to 12 noon.

Thursday, April 14, RCHS Meeting at 7:00 P.M. at Brandon Library

     Program will be presented by the Gold Coast Historical Society.

Joan Singletary


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