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Minutes of the Rankin County Historical Society Meeting

August 11, 2011

Welcome: The meeting was called to order by Paul Davis, vice president, in the absence of the president, Anne Vanderleest. It was determined a quorum was present (20% of 67 = 14).

Treasurer’s Report: John Haliburton, treasurer, reported a balance in the RCHS account of $9,153.05.

Unfinished Business: A copy of a Resolution Authorizing Amendment of Charter (a copy of the resolution and a copy of the Amended Charter of Incorporation are attached to these minutes) was given to all members present. Mr. Davis explained that when the RCHS was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in October of 1978 their purpose was literary and educational, to preserve and record the knowledge of the area for future generations; our museum did not exist at the time so no mention is made of it in the charter or bylaws when they were written. In order to pursue funding from the Rankin County Board of Supervisors to restore and maintain these existing museum buildings, our organization must comply with certain State requirements.

The first requirement was the amending of RCHS bylaws naming the Board of Directors as a Board of Trustees. The second step is the amendment of the Charter reflecting the operating of a museum. Bill Duchie moved that the resolution be adopted; Henry Wood seconded this motion. After discussion, a vote was called with all 14 members present voting unanimously FOR the adoption; 10 proxy votes were cast FOR the resolution.

New Business: Mr. Davis mentioned recent discussions with the Brandon Historical Society concerning joint meetings of our two groups. A resolution drawn up by Judge Dan Fairly was presented to the membership stating the desire of both groups to use their “efforts, time, talents and resources to preserve and protect the history … of the County of Rankin, Mississippi.” (Copy is attached to these minutes.) This document will be further discussed by the RCHS Board.

It has been agreed that a shared speaker meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 27 at 7:00 P.M. in the Board of Supervisors meeting room at the Rankin County Courthouse. The historical society will provide refreshments for the group.

Ms. Singletary mentioned that our calendar for November includes a symposium of Rankin County historical, genealogical, and museum groups who will be invited to present information on their group.

Mr. Davis stated that our organization has been contacted by a group from the Fannin Baptist church who would like for us to conduct a historical tour for them in Rankin County possibly in December. Suggestions of places to visit were made and included Shiloh Campgrounds, New Hebron School and the Pelahatchie Museum.

President Anne Vanderleest sent information that the Brandon Mayor’s Youth Council will be taking on some public service projects for the RCHS. Mr. Davis asked Carlo Martello, former mayor of Brandon, to tell us about the council; Mr. Martello explained that the student are all in grades 10-12 and must have good grades as well as being well-rounded students.

Mr. Martello mentioned historical articles that are published in the Scott County Times and asked if RCHS could have similar articles entered in Rankin County News. Ms. Singletary explained that Mr. Davis and she had prepared some of the previously published Searchlight articles but a publication schedule was not reached with Marcus Bowers, editor of Rankin County News. Mr. Martello offered to follow through on getting these articles in print if we will furnish copies of the articles to him.

Martha McCown was thanked for the refreshments she provided for the group.

The meeting was adjourned.

Joan Singletary


Rankin County Historical Society

Attending: Mary Lou Ayers, Bert McCleave, Mel Corley, Ron Thornton, Henry A. Wood, R.W. Castens, Bill Duchie, Paul Davis, Martha McCown, John A. Haliburton, Debbie Martello, Carlo Martello, Nathan Bradshaw, Joan Singletary

Proxy votes to be cast by Mr. Davis: Carla Davis, Penny Schooler;

Proxy votes to be cast by Ms. Singletary: Sandra Woods, Anne Vanderleest, John Munn, Inez Munn, Gilbert McCown, Linda Wolfe, Ernie Shields, Martha Wallace.

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