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Minutes of the Board of Directors Rankin County Historical Society
February 14, 2014

The Board of Directors met at the home of President Anne Vanderleest at 10:00 A.M. Present were Ms. Vanderleest; Paul Davis, vice president; Ron Thornton, treasurer; Joan Singletary, secretary; Mary Lou Ayers and James Gould, members-at-large; and Mel Corley, past president.

First item on the agenda was finalizing plans for Munch on History which was originally set for January 28 at 12 noon. Due to snow and ice, the program was rescheduled for Tuesday, February 18. Speaker is Dirk Vanderleest, Chief Executive Officer of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, who will discuss the 50 year history of the airport in Rankin County.

Ms. Singletary asked Mr. Davis to make photos during the meeting for the RCHS files and to be used in the newsletter.

RCHS members will furnish dessert and drinks. Carla Davis had volunteered to keep the dessert table filled and drinks available as needed. Mr. Davis was asked to get her to contact Doris Gibson to help her in hosting.

The board agreed since we and Brandon Historical and Genealogical Society had both missed meetings we would continue as originally scheduled. RCHS will host March, July and November (moving the meeting to Nov. 18 because of Thanksgiving) and Brandon to host May, September and January.

NOTE TO RCHS: BH&GS sent out a notice reversing the dates that we set for each to host. This notice was received Saturday, the day after our meeting. We will allow the changes Brandon made to stand. According to their mail out RCHS will host the meetings on February 18, Munch on History program; May 27, RCHS; September 23, RCHS. Brandon will host meetings on March 25; and July 22. All meetings are at 7:00 P.M. with RCHS hosting at the library and the BHGS hosted meetings at the Rankin County Courthouse Annex.

Speakers for upcoming meetings were discussed. Mr. Thornton had the name of a man from the Sons of the American Revolution who will speak on the history of the Natchez Trace. Ms. Vanderleest will contact him to see if he can speak in March. Mr. Davis has a list of people from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History who will present programs. Mr. Gould said he would like to hear a program on Mississippi Indians. All present agreed; Mr. Davis was asked to set a program for the July meeting or as soon as MDAH can schedule it and he was also asked to prepare and present a program on aerial maps as soon as he can.

Ms. Singletary reported that she was asked by Tim Cupit of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans if RCHS would have a table at the Civil War Relic Show in June. Purpose would be to allow more publicity concerning RCHS and its mission. There was no discussion at this time.

Ms. Vanderleest told of receiving a query from a Gulde Family hoping to receive information about the Rankin County community of Gulde, especially if their family might be connected to the area. They will be traveling through Rankin County on Heritage Day and will visit us.

Ms. Vanderleest reported she has a picture of the Girl Scout who worked on the RCHS files to be placed in a newsletter. We will present her with an award for her service during the summer.

Heritage Day set for Saturday, April 28, was our next topic of discussion. Ms. Vanderleest gave each member a packet of materials and list of contacts from previous years.

Contacts will need to be made to add more participants as Jennifer and Larry Howard will not be available for the wagon rides and blacksmith demonstration. The Howards have moved to Florida. A display of antique cars was suggested. It was also pointed out that it would be nice to have a candle maker demonstrating.

Mr. Gould will check to see if we might get a display of antique cars and Ms. Vanderleest will contact Trisha Grantham about horse and wagon rides.

Tim Cupit and Robert Myers of Sons of the Confederate Veterans Camp 265 have been contacted to see if reinactors will set up a camp and if a battery can attend with their cannon. Reinactors will set up a camp and Mr. Myers will report back as soon as possible concerning whether or not a battery will be available.

In last years’ evaluation session with Linda Wolfe of the Brandon Library, Ms. Wolfe asked that more food and drinks be available, as well as allowing the sale of crafts by those actively demonstrating. It was agreed by the board to allow sales as long as Heritage Day is not allowed to become a flea market. The Beta Club and Key Club of Brandon High School will be contacted to see if they are interested in handling the sale of food and drinks.

It was suggested that the book mark used as publicity last year be used again and that the back be divided into sections for visitors to get stamps as they visited craftsmen’s areas. Prizes would then be given with winners selected by drawing. There were five voting yes; Ms. Singletary voted no; Mr. Davis abstained.

Ms. Vanderleest and Mrs. Singletary will be working to get letters or e-mail out as soon as possible to craftsmen and other participants.

Mr. Gould volunteered to check with the schools to get the names of current principals and the person in charge of Mississippi history to update our school contact list.

Mr. Davis will e-mail to Ms. Vanderleest the name of a Boy Scout group with whom he has contact. Ms. Ayers will contact someone at the BSA headquarters of Rankin County.

Whether or not to place newspaper ads; what sort of ad, black and white or color; and in which publications was discussed. It was suggested that before making a decision on the ads that we get the prices of the ads. Mr. Davis will get prices of various sizes of ads.

Mr. Corley announced there is a new link placed on line with more specific detailed information for county maps from the 1940’s and ‘50’s and he will send members of the board a link to the site.

The Board’s next meeting was set for Wednesday, March 5 at 3:30 P.M. at the Vanderleest home.

Submitted by: Joan Singletary, Secretary
February 16, 2014

Changes made since first mail out. js

Paragraph about Mel and maps has been revised by Mel.Paragraph about Paul and aerial maps in paragraph concerning programs: Mr. Gould said he would like to hear a program on Mississippi Indians. All present agreed; Mr. Davis was asked to set a program for the July meeting or as soon as MDAH can schedule it and he was also asked to prepare and present a program on aerial maps as soon as he can.