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Minutes of the Board of Directors Rankin County Historical Society August 21, 2013

The board of directors met at the Brandon Library at 9:30 A.M. on Wednesday, August 21. Present were: Anne Vanderleest, Paul Davis, Ron Thornton, Mary Lou Ayers, James Gould, Mel Corley, and Joan Singletary.

Inventory of Museum will begin on Saturday, October 5, at 10:00 A.M. All board members are asked to be there to help with this undertaking.

Mr. Gould reported that his daughter, who works with databases, had looked at the PastPerfect software for museums and recommended that RCHS will be able to accomplish what is needed by using the Microsoft EXCEL Spreadsheet. She suggested that a template be created and used to record the information we have on the museum items. After discussion, Ms. Singletary offered to look at the PastPerfect software and report back to the board.

Painting the outside of the two museum buildings was discussed. The current paint on the house is lead-based so no scraping is allowed by federal law; paint will need to be applied by brush or spray. Whether the same basic color should be used on both buildings or should they be different colors was discussed. When a vote was taken, five members voted to use the same color with different trims. A gray was selected for the base color.

Mr. Gould suggested that perhaps the organization could apply for grants from local groups to help fund maintenance of the buildings. Ms. Vanderleest explained that in the past we have asked for and received help from both the city and county. She also noted that an application has been made for the museum to be placed on the 10 Most Endangered Places in Mississippi.

Treasurer’s report was made by Mr. Thornton listing a balance of $7,410.07 as of August 19.

The Museum Display Idea List was reviewed. A few suggestions for changes were made. It was suggested we also include: (1) pre-Indian display which would include shells; (2) the early days of settlement involving the treaties of Doak’s Stand and Dancing Rabbit; (3) all military, including Civil War be combined into one display; (4) agriculture be separated from business and industry; (5) a political category be added.

For the November meeting which is the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, Ms. Singletary had contacted Chandra James of Piney Woods about the Cotton Blossom Singers entertaining at that meeting. The school is closed during that week and all students leave the campus. Ms. James expressed her appreciation for the invitation and asked to be included at another time.

Brief discussion was held concerning our cancelling the November meeting as many have guests or will be out of town during that time. Ms. Singletary will contact Dan Fairly and Penny Schooler to get their thoughts on the cancellation.

Antiques Showcase is set for Saturday, October 26. Anne Stratton has once again graciously agreed to present this very popular program. Ms. Vanderleest showed the materials used last year and it was agreed they could be used again this year.

As the meeting adjourned, a brief trip was made to the Museum by the board members, paint samples in hand. It was once again agreed that gray would be used for the outside of both buildings.

Joan Singletary, Secretary