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Meeting of Board of Directors Rankin County Historical Society March 8, 2013


The board of directors met at the home of Anne Vanderleest; present were Mrs. Vanderleest, president; Ron Thornton, treasurer; James Gould, member at large; Mel Corley, past president; Paul Davis, vice-president; and Joan Singletary, secretary.

Plans were discussed for the upcoming meeting with the Brandon Genealogical and Historical Society to be held on Tuesday evening, March 26, 7:00 P.M. at the Brandon Library. Joan Singletary has invited John McNeal, an attorney and student of the Civil War, to speak. He will discuss the Vicksburg to Meridian Campaign.

      Members of RCHS will meet at 6:00 P.M. in the Library to set-up the room

      James Gould will bring water and Diet Cokes

      Ron Thornton, Mountain Dew

      Paul Davis, Chex Mix, and will contact Doris Gibson and Carla Davis about bringing additional refreshments.

      Anne Vanderleest, Sprite

      Joan Singletary will contact BGHS for items to be included on the agenda and will notify Paul Davis who will prepare the agenda; Joan will mail reminders of the meeting to RCHS and BGHS members on Friday, March 15.

Saturday, June 1, has been set for the board’s annual planning meeting. Time and place will be set later.

Mrs. Vanderleest said that all the information needed for the filing of Form 990 with the IRS has been turned over to an accountant. The State taxes have been filed for the year and the return will be amended later, if needed.

Treasurer Thornton reported our current bank balance is $7,980.68.

Mrs. Vanderleest also reported that the City of Brandon has issued RCHS a check in the amount of $2,973.12 for the installation of the new roof on the Wilson-Neely house. The society has paid the Dean Brothers who prepared the building for installation of the new roofing, and Gilmore Brothers Building Supply. Those costs were $2,100.

Mr. Gould was asked to contact Larry Swales, Chancery Clerk, about the county taking custody of the county ledgers that have been stored for several years by our society. These ledgers were originally rescued and turned over to the society when a storage building was being demolished.

Mel Corley was asked to try to find the Rankin County Coloring Book so it can be used as a children’s activity during Heritage Day.

Mr. Corley completed an inventory of all RCHS publications: History Book, Volume I, 334 copies and Volume II, 254 copies; Cemetery books, Volume I, 10 copies and Volume II, 1,768 copies,

It was decided that no more copies of Volume I will be sold; all remaining copies will be placed in storage and the book listed as “out of print”. The suggestion was made by Paul Davis that the information in Volume I be placed on-line. No decision was reached. Joan Singletary was asked to place the out-of-print information on-line and to make new book price signs.

Ms. Singletary mentioned that some of our out-of-state members offer to transcribe material for use. Joan will see if a volunteer is interested in working on the ledgers photographed by Harry Black.

The society has been contacted by a Girl Scout who is interested in earning her Girl Scout Gold Award. Ms. Vanderleest made several suggestions of needed projects and it was decided the most urgent needs would be the relabeling of storage files or the digitization of old minutes of the society, according to her skills.

Ms. Singletary was asked to find the exact ages of the house and store.

Ms. Singletary made the motion that the society donates $100 to the Genealogy Room of the Library to buy a book or books to be placed in the Gen Room in memory of Catherine Hill. A  memorial plaque is placed in each volume.

Heritage Day plans was the next topic. Placing an ad in the local newspapers was discussed. The consensus was, if possible, we place a black and white ad the week of April 8-13 and a color ad during the week of April 20.

      Mr. Davis will check prices for these advertisements.

      Ms. Vanderleest revised the bookmark used to advertise our 2012 Symposium. Ms. Singletary will get it ready to be printed; the bookmark will be given out at the Library and will be used during Heritage Day for Rankin County students earning credit in Mississippi history. The marker will be stamped in the Library and at the Museum then returned by the students to their history teachers.

      Mr. Gould agreed to handle the parking during Heritage Day. He will ask the Vietnam Vets to assist and he will also bring safety vests for the parking helpers.

      Mr. Corley will turn on the water on the grounds.

      Raffle tickets will be sold for copies of the society publications. To be raffled will be five copies of the Volume II Cemetery Book; one copy of each of the History volumes, hard and soft covers for a total of four history books.

      Tahya Dobbs of the Brandon Mayor’s Office has been asked to check to be sure the Brandon Fire Department members will cook and sell hotdogs.

Cleanup day for the Museum was set for Friday, April 5 at 10:00 A.M.

Distribution of flyers: James Gould, Northeast Rankin County; Ron Thornton, toward Pelahatchie; Joan Singletary or Anne Vanderleest, toward Puckett; Mary Lou Ayers, Florence and Richland; Paul Davis, Pearl area.

Children’s activities will be coordinated by the Brandon Library Children’s Department.

It was discussed where to place the dulcimer group. They plan to have seven members with string instruments. It was suggested they be set up in the alcove near the staff lounge or in the Genealogy Room. Linda Wolfe will be asked her preference.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by: Joan Singletary, Secretary


Don’t Forget!

      Tuesday, March 26, 7:00 P.M. Combined meeting with Brandon Genealogical and Historical Society; setup at 6:00 P.M.

      Friday, April 5, 10:00 A.M. Cleanup day for the Museum

      Saturday, April 20, 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. Rankin County Heritage Day. Workers please arrive by 9:30 A.M.

      Saturday, June 1, Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting

On the minutes sent out I had noted that Anne Vanderleest would contact Doris Gibson and Carla Davis about refreshments for the combined meeting with Brandon Genealogical and Historical Society. Paul Davis agreed to contact the ladies about refreshments for the meeting.