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The following was in the Pearl Press Bi-Centenial Edition published June 22, 1978:
“Eureka had its beginning in the year 1878 when Carroll J. Steen so much desired a school near his home that he was willing to build a school house and finance it. Tom Lamb was the first teacher. He and Margaret Steen were the ones who decided to call the school Eureka, which means ‘I have found it’.
“It was here that former Mississippi Governor Henry Whitfield taught his first school.
“From this small community have come three doctors, three preachers, five dentists, twelve school teachers, two nurses, one lawyer, one laboratory technician, one pharmacist, and one Second Lieutenant in World War I. All of these had their primary work in Eureka School.”

This community was named for one of the settlers who burned to death. The decision to use this name was not unanimous. Some people wanted the community named Brownsville in honor of the Brown family. Fannin’s post office was opened in 1860 and closed in 1969.


This community was a logging camp named for the Finkbine Lumber Company.

Finkbine School Camp 1926-27

Its post office dates were from 1919 until


Located approximately ten miles south of Jackson, and one of the county’s oldest settlements, its original

W.C. Ellis Cotton Gin 1905

name was Steen’s Creek. The name was changed to Florence in honor of Florence Norrell Ellis, wife of W.C. Ellis.

Goshen Springs Post office

Like many Rankin County communities, Goshen Springs was named for the many springs to be found in the area. Goshen is a Biblical name, referring to that part of Egypt where the Israelites lived during their sojourn there. The community, founded about 1833, was located in North Rankin County.